Dancing the Blues in San Diego

Exploring, celebrating, and growing the blues dance community through musical immersion, classes, social dancing, and competition. All Blue Note hosted events are always 100% FREE for blues musicians, in order to promote a better understanding of the history and culture of the blues amongst dancers.

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Next Social:

Always 4th Saturdays! All ages welcome.

Missy Andersen at Blue Note - 9/23/2017

Missy Andersen at Blue Note - 9/23/2017

Sep 23, 8:00pm - Sep 24, 12:00am

Blue Note
Party Fitness Zumba Studio, 4659 Mission Gorge Pl, Suite B
San Diego, CA  92120 Map

Since we did this last year, we're having a live music celebration on the half-anniversary of Blue Note. Local musicians Missy Andersen and Heine Andersen will be playing at September's Blue Note!

Ticketing is LIVE! Read below.

Welcome to Blue Note, San Diego's monthly pure blues social dance! Be sure to "Like" our page and "Follow" us for updates, events, music, and videos!

Always 100% FREE for BLUES musicians, in order to promote a better understanding of the history and culture of the blues amongst dancers. All ages welcome.


Presale is open until Friday, September 15th. Save an additional $5 ($10 total) when purchased with tickets to What is the Blues: Musicology Lecture - 9/23/2017 with Sarah Hankins & Matthew Blackmar that evening. That’s a 2.5 lecture + practice and 3 hours live music for only $25! Optionally, add on the 1-hour lesson for $5.

- Lecture + Live Music: bluenotesd.com/store/workshop/musicology-lecture-missy-heine-andersen-live-music-night/
- Live Music Only: bluenotesd.com/store/special-events/missy-andersen-at-blue-note/

Presale open until Friday, September 15th.

Tell your friends - tell everybody!

Don't want to pay credit card fees?
- You can pay Elizabeth, Christopher or Pavel in cash, or
- Venmo to venmo.com/theophila with your name(s) (first and last) and the ticket you're purchasing (lesson + dance or dance-only)


- Special Musicology Lecture: 4:00pm till 6:30pm • What is the Blues: Musicology Lecture - 9/23/2017 • $20 regular / $15 presale / only $10 bundled
- Lesson: 8:00pm till 9:00pm • $5
- Live Music: 9:00pm till midnight • $20 regular / $15 presale or full-time students (with valid ID)
- Cash preferred at the door. $1 fee (per person) for credit cards

Band Break DJ: Elizabeth Lynn Rakphongphairoj Kilrain

If you enjoy dancing the blues or would like to learn more about it, please join us! Or, if you're simply a lover of good music, come out!


Tables are unreserved.

Light food (veggies, dip, cheeses, meats) and water will be provided, and sodas will be available for sale as well as limited beer and wine.


Dancing to soul- and gospel-blues.

Pavel Tsinberg and Elizabeth Lynn Rakphongphairoj Kilrain will be teaching the lesson.

Please invite your friends and join us at 8pm! Each month we will tie the lesson topics for First Monday Blues Lab, the blues room at The Firehouse Swing Dance, and Blue Note together, so it is in your best interest to attend them all, though drop-ins are always welcome.


Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in New York City, multiple award nominee, Missy Andersen is a dynamic and one-of-a-kind soul blues singer. Her sophomore album, In the Moment, received great reviews and ended the year on Living Blues Top 50 of 2014. She and her guitar player/bandleader/husband, Heine, maintain a busy schedule performing with her band and as a duo. The tenacious twosome’s music is noted as displaying “a musical maturity that is as entertaining as it is compelling” by PBS Australia and “the real deal” by Washington Blues Society.
A nominee of the prestigious Blues Music Awards for Soul Blues Female Artist in 2015 and 2016 as well as two-time Blues Blast Music Awards nominee, Missy was voted Best New Artist-Female in 2009 by Real Blues Magazine and her self-titled CD, Missy Andersen, also won Best Debut Album-Female that same year.


Party Fitness Studio is located just minutes from the I-8 freeway and San Diego State University.

As usual, we ask that you respect the space. Please make sure your shoes are non-marking and CLEAN so that you do not bring in debris from outside and mark the lovely floors! No spiked/narrow heels, please. Also, there is no food allowed inside, but we will set up our snacks and water station just outside the door so that you can cool off while you refuel.



In order to ensure that this event is safe, comfortable, and fun for everybody, please take a moment to read our etiquette page. By attending any Blue Note event, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct / Grievance Policy.


#Staffing, #DJing, and #volunteering opportunities are available. All staff and DJs will be paid, as we believe that you should be compensated for your work. All volunteers will receive free admission to the dance with one hour of work. For more information, please visit BlueNoteSD.com/ and email (staff/volunteers) or apply *after* reading the requirements.


Blue Note is the brainchild of JukeJoint.ninja (Elizabeth Lynn Rakphongphairoj Kilrain) and friends. Our vision is to offer consistent venues and events for the exploration and development of the blues vernacular dances in San Diego. As the name implies, our focus is on the 100+ years of rich and living history of blues music and dancing, and that is the type of music and dancing that we offer.

Many existing venues in San Diego offer other dances alongside the blues. We enjoy many of those dances as well, and we offer a flier exchange to help you discover them. However, we believe that to really grow in understanding of a subject, you have to spend time immersed it. Blue Note’s mission is to explore, celebrate, and grow the blues dance community through musical immersion, classes, social dancing, and competition. Here at Blue Note, we are passionate about the blues and truly believe you will love it as well.

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Next Lab:

Always 1st Mondays! All ages welcome.

First Monday Blues Lab - 9/4/2017

First Monday Blues Lab - 9/4/2017

Sep 4, 7:30pm - Sep 4, 10:00pm

The Beehive
9495 Loren Drive
La Mesa, CA  91942 Map

The theme for September's Blues Lab is integrated rhythm! Learn how to have rhythm in your smooth movements and how to be smooth in your rhythmic movements.

Since this is a practice space, please try to arrive on time, especially to the lesson, and remember to come with a mindset of learning and practice!


The Blues Lab is held monthly on the first Monday of the month.

$5 donation or potluck beverages/snacks.

Please help protect the floors! Any shoes worn must be CLEAN dance shoes or non-marking street shoes with CLEAN soles. You may also wear socks, lyrical sandals, paws, or go barefoot. Thanks!

The next Blues Lab will be on Monday, 2 October 2017.

- 7:30pm-8:15pm: lesson with practice
- 8:15pm: announcements and introductions
- 8:20pm-10:00pm: open practice. Feel free to continue working on the mini-lesson idea or something else. Rotate or stay with the same partner as you prefer. Decide who will receive feedback first.

The Blues Lab is an informal practice session and will be run in a way similar to a guided tango practica. Each evening will begin with a lesson (30-45 minutes) that features a breakdown of a movement or concept with practice and rotations (in the case of partnered movements).

The purpose of the Blues Lab is to encourage growth in our dancing and community by deepening and broadening our understanding of blues movement and music and how to connect with one another through exchanging ideas and conscious practice. The music played will be pure blues and blues-adjacent genres (such as New Orleans jazz, blues-gospel, and blues-soul) that inspire blues dancing.

You can receive guidance directly from the lesson, the TAs (who will introduce themselves at the beginning as well as during announcements), or from one another. We encourage you to reach out to us and each other for assistance.

- Before dancing with each new partner, inform him/her if you are working on something specific so s/he can pay attention to it as you dance.
- Only one person should receive feedback at a time. This allows that person to just dance and not have to analyze their partner’s dancing. Switch at the next song if the other person requires feedback as well.
- If you are uncomfortable with feedback from a certain person, inform them before you begin dancing. Please respect your partner’s wishes not to be critiqued by you.
- Respect the purpose of the Blues Lab and the dancers. If you are not here to practice, please do not take up the time and space of those who are.
- Constructive feedback is strongly encouraged. If something feels uncomfortable or hurts, please speak up! By the same token, please be respectful and refrain from speaking negatively of the person.
- Please do not dominate your partner. Even if you consider yourself a more advanced dancer and were asked to provide the majority of the feedback, ask relevant questions to understand where your partner is coming from and help guide them through the movements rather than continually criticizing them.
- Nobody is above improvement! Even if you are an accomplished dancer, you may still have something that needs work, or you may not be as well-versed in blues as you are in other dances. Please take all constructive criticism with an open mind!


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Next Potluck:

Saturday, mid-month. All ages welcome.

Blues Dance Community Potluck - 9/9/2017

Blues Dance Community Potluck - 9/9/2017

Sep 9, 12:00pm - Sep 9, 3:00pm

The Beehive
9495 Loren Drive
La Mesa, CA  91942 Map

We want to create more opportunities to socialise and meet people outside of just paid lessons, workshops, and dances.

So, this is the monthly community potluck! We don't have a fixed schedule, but expect it to be during the day, mid-month on a weekend.

This month's topic: Work songs, spirituals, and gospel blues! No special discussion, but we'll have a listening party for the artists that shaped blues from the spiritual side.

Elizabeth & Chris will have just moved into their new house (NEW Beehive!), so this will be a bluesy housewarming potluck of sorts!

NOTE: This is also the same day as the San Diego Blues Festival, though we are still holding this event to provide FREE opportunities for community. Because of that, we will end promptly at 3pm instead of extending as usual. We highly recommend checking out the Blues Fest before and/or afterwards if you are able to go, especially for the later acts: The California Honeydrops and Mavis Staples.

*Please bring a beverage or dish to share.* The Beehive or Pavel's place will be the default fallback, but it is our hope that over time we can find different community members to help host, at a public venue (like a park!) when the weather is nice, or community homes otherwise.

These are also intended to be educational events. We will play blues music documentaries, films on Black history and culture, round table discussions on the community, share snippets from current reading, or bring up ideas for our community.

This is designed to help our community increase the understanding of where this music and dance comes from and its significance in a culture that isn't necessarily our own.

Come socialise, ask questions, get to know us. Feel free to invite new friends!

#blues #potluck #food #community
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Next Workshop:

All ages welcome.

Cierra Ruffin Blues Workshop Weekend!

Cierra Ruffin Blues Workshop Weekend!

Oct 28, 12:30pm - Oct 29, 4:30pm

Blue Note
Party Fitness Zumba Studio, 4659 Mission Gorge Pl, Suite B
San Diego, CA  92120 Map

Joining us from Denver for a very special workshop during our October Blue Note (Hallowe'en weekend!), we have Cierra Ruffin!

This weekend will include 6 hours of special classes, a Saturday night dance, and optional outings to breweries and live music before and after.

Always 100% FREE for blues musicians, in order to promote better understanding of the history and culture of the blues amongst dancers.


- Date: October 28-29, 2017
- Class length: 1.5 hour classes (4 total, 2 per day)
- Full workshop (includes Saturday night dance): $70 presale, $80 at the door
- Single-day classes: 2 classes per day • $36 presale, $40 at the door
- Individual class: $20
- Early bird ends: October 15, 2017

Participate in the polls below to determine which workshop classes will be offered!





Cierra is known for being a quirky, musical, and emotional dancer. As a child she was never able to stop moving and became obsessed with Blues dancing after discovering it. Her love of blues comes from her relationship with her grandfather and the reconnection Cierra feels to her heritage while dancing the blues. Cierra loves to bring that history, culture and context, into her own and her student’s dancing by challenging their dancing in ways beyond just movement. Cierra has only recently started competing and has been placing in open competitions and is excited to be a new competitor in the All-star Division. Cierra recently took first at Mile High Blues in the all- star Lead and follow contest. She also organizes Denver’s weekly local venue called Tuesday Blues and co-organizes Denver’s monthly event called Toska Blues Dance. You can read Cierra’s thoughts on the Toska blues blog. Cierra is excited to be sharing her passion for dance and culture with the community.



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