If you are interested in DJing for the event, please put together a playlist of 20 songs on YouTubeSpotify, or a CD with track listings and email it to or give it to Elizabeth in person. Yes, this includes you, even if you’re my best friend! Please do not send along a list of artist and track names and expect me to look them up or know which version you’re talking about! If you have been invited to DJ (rather than invited to apply), then you are exempt from this rule, but you will still be expected to play blues.

If your music suits the venue, you will be offered the opportunity to play a short set, and if it goes well, you will be put into regular rotation (if you so desire).


We believe that DJing is a craft, and it takes dedication to build up a library of danceable music and skill to be able to keep the energy going on a dance floor. Thus, all DJs will be compensated.

That said, it is our expectation that all your music is legally acquired – either in the public domain, purchased, or that you pay a premium subscription for access. The blues is alive and well today only because musicians can continue to support themselves.

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