Here at Blue Note, we believe contributors should be compensated for their work. Here’s how the compensation breaks down:

Since we are starting out, the rate will be $10/hour. This rate may increase in the future.
Like DJs, the rate will be $10/hour and may increase in the future. Currently, there will only be a max of one staff member—a floor manager—per evening, so it will amount to $30/night for our Fourth Saturday Socials.
Unless otherwise negotiated (visiting teachers, special workshops, etc.), you will receive the full portion of the lessons paid for, minus the cost of rental, which will be $5/person. One guest of your choosing may also attend the lesson and dance for free.
In keeping with the current cover charge, one full hour of volunteering will allow you to get into the dance for free. If you wish to attend the lesson, you will have to pay for it, as the entire amount goes to the teacher(s).

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