We have lessons! There are a few different formats:

Blue Note:
Come to our monthly event. Fourth Saturdays. A 1-hour lesson will be offered at 8pm for $5 (cash only), before dancing. Topics will rotate, and lessons will be progressive, though drop-ins are always welcome and no partner is required. How far we get depends on the overall level of the class, so invite your friends and attend consistently.
Blues Lab:
Come to our monthly Blues Lab. First Mondays. This is where we get into the nitty-gritty details of blues dancing and break down both the movement concepts and the whys, and this is followed by an open practice session where you can feel free to ask questions and try things out and get feedback in a low-pressure environment.
Firehouse Swing:
Come to the blues room at The Firehouse Swing Dance (Website / Facebook). Blues room open every Wednesday except on live music nights. Taster lessons twice a month. The lesson is 30 minutes and free with admission to the dance. Please see the Firehouse events page for info on when the lessons will be. Open blues dancing to DJ’d music until 11:30pm.
Private Lessons:
Come advance your dancing (or start off right with a deep dive). By appointment only. $60/hour for one instructor, $250 for a package of 5 lessons. $90/hour for two instructors, $375 for a package of 5 lessons. Please email us at info@bluenotesd.com for more info or pay for your lesson here.