All Blue Note hosted events are always 100% FREE for blues musicians, in order to promote better understanding of the history and culture of the blues amongst dancers.

We would love to have you play for us, but we do not have a large budget. If you are interested in playing for us in the future, please send an email with a sampling of your music to

Keep in mind that since the emphasis of this venue is on the blues vernacular dances and not swing, zydeco, or other genres, not every type of blues music will suit our venue. Generally speaking, anything that is on the blues-rock or rockabilly scale won’t suit blues dancing. Also, please keep long songs (anything over 5 minutes) and long solos to a minimum.

For more information about the characteristics we’re looking for, you can visit Blues Playlist | Hit or Miss ? on Facebook or peruse the list on the Music page. This is not to say that the rest of the blues is not good or not blues; it just may not suit blues dancing.