Flier Exchange

We believe people should have the freedom to explore all dances. As sad as it may be for us, for some, blues is not their passion. For others, blues alone is not enough.

The flier exchange program is designed to bring together a community of teachers and organizers of dances in the San Diego area to cross-promote our dances. As part of the program, you will receive the following benefits at Blue Note:

  • Fliers will be placed prominently at the entrance or break/water areas, and their availability will be announced during break/announcements
  • You and one guest (non-transferable – you must be present) will always be comped entrance to any regularly scheduled lesson or social that we host, including live music nights in the future
  • We would inform you if we run out of your fliers

While we do not necessarily expect to be given free entrance to your events, especially as they may occur at a greater frequency than Blue Note, here are our expectations:

  • You will place our fliers prominently (where they can be seen) at your event(s)
  • You will inform us if you run out of our fliers

If you are interested in being part of this program, please email flierexchange@bluenotesd.com. You will be placed on a mailing list, and we will send out a monthly email with information about each month’s events and asking if there are any changes to the fliers you want to include. Of course, you may also leave the program at any time.

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