Fourth Saturday Social

Always 4th Saturdays! 1-hour all-levels lesson followed by 3 hours of social dancing. Always 100% FREE for blues musicians, in order to promote better understanding of the history and culture of the blues amongst dancers. All ages welcome.

Blue Note - 01/27/2018 (Elizabeths Birthday!)

Blue Note - 01/27/2018 (Elizabeth's Birthday!)

Jan 27, 8:00pm - Jan 28, 12:00am

Blue Note
Party Fitness Zumba Studio, 4659 Mission Gorge Pl, Suite B
San Diego, CA  92120 Map

Welcome to Blue Note, San Diego's monthly pure blues social dance! Be sure to "Like" our page and "Follow" us for updates, events, music, and videos!

BLUES MUSICIANS: A reminder that all Blue Note hosted events (lessons, workshops, socials, lectures) are 100% free for BLUES musicians, in order to promote a better understanding of blues music, history, and culture among dancers!

All ages welcome.

As our community matures in the blues, let's dig in deeper into the roots of these dances and learn individual idiom dances. As you know, blues is a family of dances that developed alongside blues music in different regions of the US, in tempos ranging from slow to highly energetic and upbeat.

This month, we'll focus on the smoother, travelling "ballroomin'" blues idiom dances - such as blues walks and the Savoy Walk - and focus on jazzier blues music played by Sidney Bechet, Duke Ellington, Dr. Michael White, as well as the classic female blues of Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, etc.


- Lesson: 8:00pm till 9:00pm • $5
- Dancing: 9:00pm till midnight • $8 regular / $6 full-time students (with valid ID)
- Cash preferred. $1 fee (per person) for credit cards

If you enjoy dancing the blues or would like to learn more about it, please join us!



We are looking for more DJs! Please look over the requirements at and apply!


Each month we usually focus on a different idiom dance or musical style. This month will be some of the idiom dances that fall under the "ballroomin'" umbrella. These are still a range of tempos and styles, but they inspire movement across the floor. Learn the different types of pulse, and break out of "slow lindy" or "slow balboa" patterns, be comfortable travelling in close embrace, leading and following continues spins, turns, and travelling movements back into close embrace without losing your blues aesthetic, and using momentum with lag.

Please invite your friends and join us at 8 pm! Each month we will tie the lesson topics for First Monday Blues Lab, the blues room at The Firehouse Swing Dance, and Blue Note together, so it is in your best interest to attend them all, though drop-ins are always welcome.


Party Fitness Studio is located just minutes from the I-8 freeway and San Diego State University.

As usual, we ask that you respect the space. Please make sure your shoes are non-marking and CLEAN so that you do not bring in debris from outside and mark the lovely floors! No spiked/narrow heels, please. Also, there is no food allowed inside, but we will set up our snacks and water station just outside the door so that you can cool off while you refuel.


In order to ensure that this event is safe, comfortable, and fun for everybody, please take a moment to read our etiquette page. By attending the dance, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy.


#Staffing, #DJing, and #volunteering opportunities are available. All staff and DJs will be paid, as we believe that you should be compensated for your work. All volunteers will receive free admission to the dance with one hour of work. For more information, please visit and email (staff/volunteers) or apply *after* reading the requirements.


Blue Note is the brainchild of (Elizabeth Lynn Rakphongphairoj Kilrain) and friends. Our vision is to offer consistent venues and events for the exploration and development of the blues vernacular dances in San Diego. As the name implies, our focus is on the 100+ years of rich and living history of blues music and dancing, and that is the type of music and dancing that we offer.

Many existing venues in San Diego offer other dances alongside the blues. We enjoy many of those dances as well, and we offer a flier exchange to help you discover them. However, we believe that to really grow in understanding of a subject, you have to spend time immersed it. Blue Note’s mission is to explore, celebrate, and grow the blues dance community through musical immersion, classes, social dancing, and competition. Here at Blue Note, we are passionate about the blues and truly believe you will love it as well.

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